Oui-Oui veut faire fortune

Web application
Fred Murie | 2016

OOC project is a new attempt to initiate our computers to literature that still balance once a dissolution of meaning in the digital field. But instead of dialing typographical spaces by accumulation, this is to integrate your machine in a network of readers-shareholders. By converting the reading value in binary currency OOC creates an economic system based on an unproductive capitalism.

Experiencing this online application:


Noddy wants to make fortune was the first book to fall from my hand. I only have no recollection of the story. Just a vision coverage: Noddy riding a horn of plenty overflowing with gold coins ...

Bathed in an interface with pleasant colors, each member identified by its IP address, is rewarded with a capital dependent on his playing time and the number of shareholders. It leaves more scroll paragraphs, plus the machine amasses Yes corners. It has more of Yes corners, the more incentive to continue reading ...