Hybridization is the engine of the artistic approach of Fred Murie.

Artist-technician, drawing from intimate a universal matter, articulating visual language and computer language, crossing writing and image, abolishing the boundaries between real and digital, between viewer and work, he multiplies aesthetic experiences that are simply designed to share a poetic glance on the world in which we live. His accomplishments develop essentially in line before they materialize through installations or printings.

After a scientific background, his artistic practice has shifted from painting to new forms of visual writings. Digital is here considered as a space for creation and diffusion which confronts the experience of reality, to confuse them better.

The web represents a real exhibition space. It allows him to experiment and play multimedia proposals, interactive fictions that combine image, sound, video, animation, graphics, writing and programming. Behind the playfulness, the user participates in the creation of new presences and is invited to reflect on the network.

New media induce interactivity that questions the place of either the work facing the viewer, but in the work. Thus, designing interactive installations, he seeks to create devices that give way to a sensory experience: the body of the visitor is part of the proposal, giving life to it.

Finally, his writing plays in the same real-virtual ambiguity growing online in an intimate setting. Graphical and textual constraints imposed by the machine are used to open specific and random expression spaces in which the reader reconstructs his own story.


In recent years, he collaborated with Flavien Théry, through the Specular entity to develop projects that involve physical forms of perceptual phenomena and digital technologies. The installations, objects and applications resulting from this association seeking to demonstrate, in reality, the presence of intangible dimensions, such as unexpected new realities ...